What is Vandana?

After years of effort in selecting, collecting and editing our favorite Jain stavans, we bring you Vandana: a carefully selected collection of Jain songs that is created especially for today’s generation of Jain youth. By providing English transliteration and commentary for each song, we hope to transform the experience of participating in musical bhavana into something meaningful and enjoyable for everyone.

At the Young Jains of America conference in 2010, we gifted 800 copies of a preview edition of Vandana to youth and received great feedback. Now, the full 300 page version of the book is available for everyone. You can view the book online, or order the print edition for use in your Temple, Jain Center or home .

Vandana for Good

100% of proceeds from this book will support social action efforts aimed at realizing a world more consistent with Jain values. In particular, we will be supporting organizations in India that take creative, bold actions in the areas of: education of women and girls and protection of nature and natural resources.